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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Sig Wife

Bright doe-like eyes Dear to the sight,
Hair like flax flowing around your face,
With lovely lips Wreathed in brightness,
And your skin shining like a sig wife.
A ferth (soul) so fair A soul so soft,
Your high thoughts thinking of every need,
Always of love Of winsome life,
A goddess dreaming in heaven's night.
Yet strong as stone Warder of wights,
Bold sig wife wreaking woe on evil,
Warding your kin Warding your kith,
I see wiles waxing in your eyes,
Lovely Brunhilde Was half so bright,
As my well-wishing Walcyrgie this night.
Giver of sig (victory), Saver of life,
With your sword sparing my loss of life,
Saving my maegen Saving my might
No sig wife waxed ever half so bright.

1993 Swain Wodening Canote

This poem was published in the Troth journal Idunna.

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