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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sign of the Hammer

Under starry skies at night
Amidst the chilly air
I stand and gaze out toward the lights
Towards Mimir's well I stare
And search for runes and mysteries
That lie in black abyss
I feel those eyes stare back at me
Within my soul, is this:
Odin, wisest of the gods,
sits high on Hlidskjalf
His stoic, sacrificial mind;
the author, that is all.
Baldr, purest goodly son,
who shines so brilliantly.
A god of peace and love so strong,
the hero, that will be.
Freyr, lord of romantic love,
his sword so gold and true.
The joy he gives is priceless,
the lover, that will woo.
Thor, protector of all men,
thunders like my heart.
His hammer wielded high aloft,
the warrior, every part.
These four, the names said in the sign
Of which I cross my chest
Dwell in me; surround me
As well as all the rest

Justin L. O'Brien

~irishrng on DeviantArt


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