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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I am the seed, lost in ignorance and fear.
Encompass me in the nurturing darkness of Your rich soil.
Let my roots drink deeply from the nectar of wisdom that You offer.
Let me appreciate each day and hour of my journey,
each moment of my blossoming faith,
for each step I take, though difficult, brings me closer to You.

Let me treasure the time I must spend
nurturing my awareness of Your bounty and grace.
Let me feel the gentle comfort of Your patient guidance.
I seek to grow in faith, in knowledge of You,
the lessons of the passage of time etched upon my toughening skin,
the tales of my survival by Your grace engraved upon each withering leaf
of the days and nights of my existence.

Teach me to craft, in gentle service,
a home within my heart that will be an honor to You.
Let me never hesitate to invite You
into the home that is my heart.

Galina Krasskova 

From:  "Exploring The Northern Tradition"


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