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 ~ By Courtesy of Others ~

 Shining God

You stand guard over Bifrost,
Eternal watchman of the gods
sprung from nine waves.
It was your quick eye
that saw through trickery,
you who fought in seal-form
to return bright Brisingamen
to Freya's noble throat.
It will be your resounding call --
a deafening horn blast --
that will warn the gods
at Ragnarok's coming,
your fate to wrestle
at the end of all things
with Laufey's son,
to give him death
even as you die by his hand.
Until that day
watch over me, shining god
smile golden down upon me
as I walk Midgard
as you yourself once did.
Forefather of all men,
establisher of order on earth,
I live beneath your gaze,
guardian of the bridge,
guardian of the way between
my world and yours.
May I be as firm
in my duty
as you always are
and always will be
in yours.

M. C. Daimler

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