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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Your mane flashes in the sunlight
I see You, Horse-Lady
Running across snow-clad clearings
As though shot from a cannon

Your body powers up the stream
I see You, Salmon-Lord
The scales of Your body flashing silver
A million mirrors under Sunna’s charge

Your slick, grey body darts, dexterous
I see You, Seal-Lord
The teeth snap, the fish cracks
Your maw devours Its prey

Buzzing of Your wings fills my ears
I see You, Fly-Lord
Your multi-faceted, jeweled eyes seeing all
From countless angles

The staff taps the ground, ponderous
I see You, Elder Lady
The form bent, crooked with years
And Wisdom’s toll

Your green eyes alight
I see You, Fire-Lord
Inside the candle flame, dancing
The sweaty wax pooling beneath

You whisper a joke and a deft slap to my head
I hear and feel You, Trickster-Lord
Your wide grin and laughter
Fills me with delight

Every Form unmistakable
I see You, I hear You, I feel You, I know You, Loki
Carrying Your solemnity and sarcasm
Your biting Wit and your salving Voice

© Sarenth Odinsson

 Sarenth Odinsson's Blog


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