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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Shadow Lady - For Skadhi

It is in the desolate places
that I have learned to seek You out,
You, Huntress, Who led me to Odin
so very long ago.
Skaldsingers say that with Him
You birthed a line of kings.
It is good.
You know His ways,
His ruthlessness,
so easily matched by Your own.
Perhaps You can teach me
how to strengthen my spirit
so that it does not cow
in the onslaught
of His affections,
or break,
in the raging violence
of His demands--
He, Who is Destroyer of dreams,
and Ravager of worlds.
It is comforting to know
that this God who plumbed death,
Who carries its mark within Him,
Who evokes such terror in those who know Him best
(and love Him even as they fear)
Holds no such terror for You.
It is comforting to see, Lady of ice and frost and killing kind,
One such as Yourself, who has faced this Lord of Terror
And remained implacable
And unmarked
And unharmed
By His passing.
Hail, Skadhi,
Hail Shadow Huntress,
Hail Etin Bride,
Who sought vengeance
and instead became
a force for peace.

Galina Krasskova 

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