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I hail Saga, Mistress of Sokkvabek,
Historian, Scop, Keeper of memory,
Collector of stories, preserver of truths,
Patroness of poets, sharp-tongued skald.

I will praise you with horn of mead, with pen to page,
with mindful thoughts of connections and consequence
and blood-red threads.
I will think upon You when I hail my dead,
when I raise them to life with tales of their deeds.
I will hold You in my heart when I craft by action
the story of my own life.

I will ask that You remember, when no others do,
those moments of quiet epiphanies which ask no celebration,
those moments of awareness so often unremarked by Your younger kin.
Let not my words pass into the void,
You whose wordsare cunning and wise.

Give them power, that they may adhere
to the fabricof my wyrd as ink to the pristine page.
Let them stand with the weight of stone.
I hail Saga, Companion of Odin;
I hail Saga, ever-wise.

Galina Krasskova 

From:  "Exploring The Northern Tradition"


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