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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ravens Sup

Famous fighters              on the field gathered
to meet their foes,           mighty was their fury;
they shook their shields   and swords pounded
raucous rivals                 ´til ravens sup.

Dawn at their backs,        daylight just breaking
Light fell on lines              of liege-men,
over the array                  of oak-trees of battle,
glistening on spear            and glaive and helm.

As a river they rushed,      roaring like the sea.
The wave crashed            on a wall of men,
the shoreline held,             ships of Ullr
bent, not broken,              bowing the line.

Admired men                   of might and main
Stained their steel             with slaughter´s hues.
Sword-glad soldiers         withstood the flood
Bravely until battling         broke their line.

Blades cleaved                 bodies and clashed
Against wood.                 The glorious warriors
Ceased not striking,         sending to Hel
Their foes before them.    Falling and dying.

The reddened rye            ripened to spilling,
the grim harvest               grain of heroes,
their blood a blush           upon brown earth;
fallen fighters                   with failed limbs.

Footsteps fall                  on fields of corpses
As wind whips                its way around
Those left living               look for companions,
finding their friends          who feast with Odhinn.

© Ron Rowand-White

Image: "After the Battle", © 2004 Christian N. St. Pierre, all rights reserved. Artist´s Homepage 

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