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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Raven Father

Knowing one, seeing twice
Blood & fire, mead & ice
He himself the sacrifice
Rider of the Tree

Wine his food, words his need
Ice & iron, air & mead
Thrice hath Gunnlodh held his seed
God of Poetry

Treasures four, half the slain
Stone & sorrow, gold & rain
Five-fold knowledge bought with pain
Wounded majesty

Jord and Rind, Frigg enfold
Rain & riddles, stone & gold
Six sons do his promise hold
One-Eye, bound and free

Seven signs mark his own
Rune & ransom, spear & bone
Eight-legged steed and highest throne
Lord of Ecstasy

Nine the worlds, ever near
Bone & silver, rune & spear
Watch and wander, ward and steer
Cloaked in mystery

On the Tree, in the Well
Ring & water, breath & spell
He is more than words may tell
Wodan, Vili, Ve

Fenris-foe, knowing death
Spell & silence, blood and breath
Work and words inspireth
All-Father is he
Odhin here we see

Raven Father, drawing nigh
Raven wings embrace the sky
This world watched with Raven Eye
Mystery with the other
Wonder to discover
Odhinn here we see

Jennifer Tifft - Wander's Gallery

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