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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ramblings of Wod

How well could you keep a secret?
Myth, legend, they came from somewhere.
Sometimes the truth is no longer believed.
Child, outcast. I donít belong here. How wrong I was.
Fear, rage, uncontrollable anger. Why? I donít belong here.
Boy was I wrong.
Have you ever lost control of your hands? They tighten up, not quite into fists.
It hurts, but I canít tell if the pain is physical.
My jaw tightens up and I canít open my hands.
I donít like keeping secrets.
Time moves fast yet progress can be slow.
WAKE UP! Says the old man. Itís a pleasure to meet you, father.
How can I help you? I ask. How can I help you? He replies.
Did he just slap me in the face?
So many questions, but so many more answers.
GROW UP! Says the old man. Itís an honor to know you, father.
Do your eyes change color when you are mad?
Warriors who wear wolf skin? HA! Wolves who wear warrior skin!
Sometimes the truth is feared.
Myth, legend, they came from somewhere.
How well could YOU keep a secret?
A body stands alone. Then it falls to its knees. And then the palms of its hands hit the floor.
A body is wracked with pain. I canít tell if it is physical pain. I think the pain is in my spirit!
Filled with the frenzy of an ageless god. Frenzy, there is a word that is highly misunderstood.
GET UP! Says the old man. But can dogs stand?
I donít like keeping secrets. Thank the Gods I only have one.
Almost all of the questions have been answered. Almost all.
What is the purpose of this thing?
A lifetime devoted to hand to hand confrontation.
How do you kill a person?
How do you kill a Bear?
How do you kill a monster, a demon?
Can you answer those questions?
I can.
I have spent a lifetime studying them in books.
Am I in those books? Sometimes.
It all sounds worse than it really is. It used to be a burden, until I unwrapped the gift.
And we all know that a gift demands a giftÖso I give. My gift is all that I have.
My gift is me. I give it freely. I am no longer mine to give.
What is my purpose? The purpose of this thing?
I already know that answerÖ
How well can I keep a secret?

Louis Buccellato (AlfŲūrsulf)

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