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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarok - The Giants

Three cold seasons follow in succession
"The winter of winters" Fimbulvetr
No warmth at all interrupting them
This was the first sign of its coming
Families fought amongst themselves
until all morality was gone
This was the second sign
The beginning of the end

The sun was devoured by the wolf Skoll,
his brother Hati ate the moon
Every star vanished from the sky
so that all was plunged into darkness
Three cockerels then called the combatants to arms
Fjalar crowed to rally the giants
Gullinkambi “The golden cock” alerted the Aesir
a third cock then raised the dead

Earthquakes shook the ground
setting free a huge and deadly monster
The terrible wolf, Fenrir. First born of Loki
broke all of the bonds from the rock Gioll
Having been tricked by the gods
into his magical shackles
He was to join the giants in the battle
eager to show his strength once again

The sea reared up in foam and froth
as another of Loki’s children came to fight
Jormungand “The Midgard serpent”
"the beast that spanned the entire world"
With every breath the soil and the sky were stained with his poison
but worst than all of these things combined
his thrashing to leave the oceans and come ashore
created the wave that freed the ship Naglfar

The vessel Naglfar was made entirely from the nails of the dead
and at its helm was Hymir “The sea giant”
he came from his home at the edge of heaven
to ferry the giants over the sea and into battle
A second ship sailed from the realm of the dead
onboard, all of the inhabitants of hell
their course set for the last battlefield
with Loki at its helm the ship sailed to Vigrid

From the lands far to the south came the fire giants
they left Muspelheim forever
forsaking their torrid, desolate, lands
to join the others in the battle against the Aesir
Led by Surt, holder the great fire sword
a weapon that shone brighter than the sun itself
This brought the three armies of the giants together
to make their stand at the final, battle of battles

© Rushy

`Rushy on DeviantArt


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