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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarok Singing
For Yule, December 2010

Hark the horn from Bifrost sounding
Axe and hammer, sword time calling
The wolf time, sword time - last of battles
Ere the worlds ends and dawns anew.

Loki roars on Helīs ship sailing
Surtur burns on sword-steel riding
A ravenīs feast is being gathered
Upon the Vigrid plain, upon the Vigrid plain.

Three winters of dread readied them for battle
Fulfilling oaths, light and life-blood paying
First to fall to wolfen hunger, Sunna and Mani
Farewell to Midgard as the hounds bayed.

Aesir and Vanir with Einherjar standing
By land and sea, the host surrounded
The silence held each heart enthralled
And held each sword arm - waiting, straining.

The sign it came as clear as thunder
From ītop the World Tree - Odinīs spirit cried
The death knell of this knowing - ending
Fenris broke the magic binding
The World Tree shook, the Worlds colliding
Fleet of foot the Wolf came striding
To join the battle host.

A final feast for Fenris standing,
Odin chose this lifeīs ending
And by his death anotherīs making
By strength of arms to his son given
The wolfen-maw was torn asunder.

Midgard serpent, long his quarry
Fell to Thor and mighty hammer
With blood and poison, in death rising
Black the poison rain came falling
And silenced now the Thunderer.

For love he traded freely power
Frey met his foe with arms and power
Defeating Surturīs steel and fire
And paid the price of peace and ardour.

Upon the field where few stood standing
Tyr the One-hand wrought deathīs harvest
A mighty host he claimed, he gathered
With a bloody company to death came calling.

And Worlds were all afire
And slow to quell the land, sea flooded
And dark the sky, no stars alighting
At battleīs close and know worldīs ending.

And then there dawned, fair Sunna-Dottir
A golden face upon a new world
Returning fresh and free of battle
The younger Gods a new world wandered

Sons of Thor and Sons of Odin
Together with the strength of fathers
Preserved the best of Eldersī power
And spoke in moot with Ve and Vili
And Baldur twice born, awaiting others.

From deep within the Mirkvid forest
Survived life through darkness, flood and fire
Man and woman emerged and wondered
At the world made new
As dawn from night.

Marta Reinhold

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