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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarok In My Mind

Every morning I arise,
Surt marches off seeking my demise.-
I hear the witless hordes yell,
and spy Loki setting sail. -
At the helm of his ship,
he prays that today I slip;
back to my old ways,
I can hear Garm's bay. -
My addiction is Ragnarok in my own mind.-
I hear the horn of Heimdall,
giantkind come seeking my downfall.-
I call to Woden and join the einherjar.
I ask him for serenity and victory; the battle is near.-

Naglfar, the ship of dead men's nails;
races over a sea of liquor, beer, and ale. -

I call to Thunar, Son of Odin, Friend of Man;
I ask him for strength and the courage to make a stand.-

I battle this disease everyday in my head;
the forces of Utgard, the army of evil dead.-

My addiction is Ragnarok in my own mind.-

I hear the hounds bark loudly, I fight them all off;
the serpent, the pipe, the urge, they all fall.-

I hold my hammer to the sky, victory is mine
with Sigfather and the Aesir by my side.-

Victorious over the Ragnarok in my mind.

Ransom Wilson 2011


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