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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarok - Doom of the Powers

Oh hearing the crowing of Gullinkambi
“The god of light” Heimdall sounded his horn
Calling the heroes from Valhalla and Folkvang
They and the Aesir crossed over the bridge, Bifrost,
From every corner of the globe the combatants came
Gods and Demons, Dwarves and elves
The Einherjar and the multitude of giants
They rode to the plain of Vigrid “Battle Shaker”

To fight the last battle in the history of everything
Settling all the old scores between the biggest rivals

Surt, the fire giant, sought Freyr in the melee
He found him fighting hand to hand early on
Freyr had given his sword to his servant Skirnir
as a reward for helping him to win his wife’s hand
Unarmed he was no match for the great fire sword
And Surt cut him down where he stood
The first of the great Aesir was dead
And the giants were spurred on by the event

In this last battle there would be no gifts of victory from Odin
No favours from the Valkyrie for the fallen heroes, only death

The one-handed Tyr fought with Garm
This monstrous hound was a worthy opponent
His time at the gates of Hellheim stood him in good stead
Inflicting mortal wounds on Tyr with his claws and teeth
None the less Tyr prevailed in the final moments
And the hound was eventually destroyed
Tyr struggled to return to the great battle
But his wounds were deep and he never left the field

Heroes and giants alike would see the blood of their brothers
spilled in such amounts as to redden the earth on which they fought

Thor attacked the monstrous Jörmungand
The serpents massive body threshing this way and that
Its venom injected again and again as it bit and slashed at him
He threw his hammer at the monster repeatedly
but it rebounded from its great, long, body
or was smashed away by its huge and powerful tail
Eventually the great hammer Mjollnir homed in
And cleaved the creatures head in two

His gift to the world was to bring an end to the beast
and deliver a severe blow to the great giant army

Thor and his hammer were eventually victorious
but the serpent's venom was already taking its toll
The more he fought the more it was circulated within him
killing the god of thunder as he swung his potent weapon
No more then nine steps away, the deadly poison reached his heart
And the mighty Thor fell to the ground dead
His hand relaxed and Mjollnir, the great hammer,
slipped out of it to be reclaimed later by his sons

One of the highest of the Aesir had been brought down
But even the highest would be made low by the end of the day

Heimdall & Loki were old enemies and too evenly matched
Their conflict rolled wildly from one place to another
cutting down heroes and giants alike as it moved
None of Loki’s tricks could divert Heimdall this time
And slowly he wore Loki down and killed him
But the leader of the giants was not without his revenge
In spite of his great victory over Loki
Heimdall succumbed later to his wounds

Death has always been the ultimate leveller of things
God and giant alike may all succumb to it in the end

Odin met head on with Fenrir the wolf
Wielding the spear Gungnir he lunged at the beast
Blood in great amounts masked the struggle
so little could be seen to judge advantage
But on this day Fenrir was to have his revenge
Evading Odin’s one eye momentarily he seized his chance
felling the father of the gods and devouring him completely
Luckily, full view of this event was masked from most

The father of the gods Odin, “God of war and death”
but also “god of poetry and wisdom”, was gone forever

The son of Odin, Vidar, did see the fights last act
and charged at Fenrir to avenge his fathers’ death
The wolf was taken by surprise this time
he had his bloody, drooling, jaws wide open
and wasting no time for the beast to regain his breath
Vidar placed a leather clad foot on its lower jaw
Grasping the upper jaw he heaved with all his strength
Tearing the wolf apart and killing him instantly
but it was far too late to save his father

Vidar was to be one of the few survivors after this day
And would go on to rule the new world not yet made

Surt, sensing the end, drew his mighty fire sword once again
Then turned it on the remains of the battle in progress
Great flames spewed from the blade in all directions
Fighters still in combat perished in the fires
Fumes reeked as the flames burst outward
Scorching the sky and casting down the stars
The nine worlds were burned
and the earth sank slowly into the sea

Darkness prevailed for the longest of times
and all was silent in the blackness

Yet through all of this destruction
A small hope remained for the future of mankind
Not all of the land was beneath the waves
The ash had not covered everything
One place did survive the scorching of the firestorm
Hodmimir's Forest alone was left untouched
There, two people, Lif and Lifthrasir slept unharmed
It is they whose descendants inhabited the new Earth

Wickedness and misery would never hold sway again
The Earth had been cleansed and rose once more from the sea

© Rushy

`Rushy on DeviantArt

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