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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ragnarok Awaits

Ragnarok awaits,
just outside the door--
When you feel safe inside your shell
do you dare let in the world?
When you are so deeply in control
do you dare let life in
with it's heaving,
it's thriving,it's turmoil?
The pain that comes from living
can etch itself deeply
from the outside in--
Dare you walk the path
of the warrior?
Dare you take the hard road--
Confronting your greatest fears,
climbing the very peaks of agony,
your challenges surmounting?
Dare you fall into the depths
of darkness that woe may bring?
From feeling deeply,
from loving and losing?
From pinning your hopes up high?
Do you dare to reach
for the highest of clouds in the sky?
Ragnarok is coming--
Can you not feel it in your bones?
The Gods are getting restless,
it is time for their release,
time for a renewal,
time for a new dawn--
But how can there be such a light
when first the sun will be devoured?
Where will we find it?
What despair can be overcome?
Who the warriors
to bring back hope?
It is you and I
every day in every way--
We begin the fight
as we wake in morning
from the darkness of night--
For when our eyes close we see nothing,
of any source not generated from within--
There is a slate that has been cleaned
so that we break our swords,
our minds--
Against all the terrors
which we generate from deep inside--
When we awake the victor ready
to start a new day
then have we bought ourselves
and the Gods
the promise of one more day--

But in the daytime also,
are there challenges to overcome--
Pride, hate, prejudice--
The desire for malice--
All these things are the Etins of Chaos
who tempt us on our way--
We must use our faith in what is true
to keep them all at bay--
And when we are given a personal trial
to overcome,
be it illness of body or of mind,
be it from within
or if it come of another
then we must strive with all our worth
so that we may vanquish it in full--
For that is what is Troth--
Ragnarok, is not some time far in the future,
no, t'is not say I,
It is happening in every hearth and home,
in hearts light and heavy,
bodies fit and those bowed low--
It is happening every moment of every day--
Ragnarok, is not something to look for
on some future far away--
Take up your sword,your honor,
be the best that you can be--
This is what is needed to ascend to victory!

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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