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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sun and Moon, they cease to shine,
Swallowed into gaping maw.
The graveyards spit up broken men,
To ride upon a ship of nails.
The poisoned one writhes,
And breaks his bonds.
Asgard is his goal.
A longboat hewn from dead men's nails,
At the bow he rides.
Surtr strides from Muspellheim.
The world aflame he sets.
Heimdall blows his mighty horn,
To give fair warning for Gods and man.
The Einherjar from Odin's hall do stride,
To battle one last time.
Thor shall fight the mighty worm,
And Odin duels a mighty foe.
The fate of Gods already known,
And yet they take the field.
As the hosts arrive together,
The sky begins to bleed.
The valkyries scream,
And flank the dead,
Aiding where they can.
All efforts to no avail,
Or perhaps they help, indeed.
Could be, their efforts save the two.
Mankind's brand new seed.

© 2003 Byron Wolfsong 

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