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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Quiet Guardian

Quiet guardian over the bridge
Who dwells in Himinbjorg amongst the hills
You who guard the bridge to Asgard
In all its myriad colors as
Faithfully as you ordered man

Golden-toothed rider of Golden-Mane
Who can hear the grass grow
And sleeps less than a bird

Versed in lore and strong in magic
Son of the Nine-Waves
All will hear your horn at
The Ragnarok, sounding the Gjallarhorn

Warder amongst the hills
You face the trickster and
Win back the Brisingamen
For Freya

Many are by your side
The silent guardians over people
Who listen and give aid to
Help keep the order
And the bond to man

Quiet warder amongst the hills
Who guards the Bifrost bridge
Golden-toothed, sharp-eared
Warder, Heimdallr.

Hithrael 2003

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