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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Where will you be when Heimdall's horn calls?
Watching, waiting, eager as the Gods ride from the Halls?

Will you know Odin's stride, his steady pace to the front of the fray?
Fear the dark of night or revel in the coming end of day?

Do you feel the charge, hear the berserker's cries?
The roar as Thor's Hammer pounds thunder from the skies?

Will the sun scream as she is hastily devoured?
Will you know you are called by the sight or run, hiding as a coward?            

Will she shriek for release from the gaping maw of destiny?
Or wait out her turn through the thousand years of ebony?

While chaos has its reign, will you wade through the gloom?
Bear witness to the agony when mankind recognizes its doom?

Are you brave enough to fight for those who are unable?
Even without assurance of a place at Odin's table?

Will you stand strong, weapons ready as the skies open wide?
Die a warrior's death while fighting at my side?

Julie Wolfsong

Image: "Day and Night"

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