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~ Poetry Duel ~

Prelude to Battle

From farthest fells, a Force invades
a battle without corpses, set to engage

Weapons unheard of, brought to the field
Bows without arrows, arms without shields

Blades with no edges, spears without points
no bright mail links, to armor the joints

A warcry to deafen those without ears
Passions and Fire, Sorrows and Fears

All rally to banners, when the poets do fight
words twisting, words vexing, waxing power and might

The Wolves will go hungry, the Ravens will starve
when skalds cry 'Havoc!', there's no meat to carve

So my banner is hoisted, my first spear is thrown
Ygg's favor to warring poets, by the North Wind is Blown

Matthias Wilson

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