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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prelude - Ragnarok

There will be an endless winter
With no longer feeling the Sun’s heat on your face
Or dancing under the Moon’s light
And looking into the curtain of night
Just the coldness and the ever-ending snow
Just Sköll and Hati eating the Sun and Moon
Watching the stars burning out and vanishing
Form the night’s sky
Watching the World plunged into the darkness
Hearing the three cocks crow
One waking the Jötunheimr
The second waking the Einherjar in Valhalla
And the final cock waking the dead
Feeling the earth begin to tremble
And hearing all bonds and fetters snap
Freeing Loki and his sons
Seeing Jörmungandr rising out of the sea
Alongside with his bother Fenrir
Poisoning the earth and sky
And all evil will soon be knocking at the Gods' door

© Jake Ortega



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