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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prayer to Woden

I ask for your blessings.
Breathe into me,
Oh God of gainful council.
Nourish me, Wish-Giver,
that I might know You more fully and well.
I hail You, God of wisdom, cunning and inspiration.
Wondrous Healer, Nourisher, Welcome One,
Be welcome in my life, my home, my heart.
Master of the Tree, I sacrifice to You:
My fears, my doubt, my hesitation.
Breathe into me. Open me, Wisest Lord.
I will seek You with the fervor
with which you sought the runes.
Be my mead, my joy,
be the prize at the end of my seeking.
Hail,Woden, All-Father,
Wondrous Lord.

Galina Krasskova  (from: The Whisperings of Woden)


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