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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prayer to Hlin

Gracious Goddess, Compassionate Teacher,
please look upon me with kindness.
I call to You, Wise Warrior,
Companion of Frigga,
Keeper of Her most secret grief,
and I ask Your counsel.

Help me to know my honored dead.
I wish to care for them rightly and well.
I have much to learn and sometimes
I am not sure where to begin,
or how best to continue.

My offerings are occasionally clumsy,
my words weak.
I worry that I do not hear them well;
and so, this I humbly ask of You, oh Goddess:
Grant me the gift of connection.
Teach me how to nourish it
and how to make it strong.

Help me to hear my ancestors
and grant that I may never give them
cause for shame.

Be my teacher in these things,
and I will honor You always.

I hail You, Hlin of the hallowed heart.
I hail You in Your strength
and I hail You in your wisdom,
and I thank You.

Galina Krasskova 


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