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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prayer of Thanks after Healing

My body, my Midgard, ettins have entered.
Savage their hunger to feast on my flesh, 
Sweet meat to sustain them is how they see me.
Thor, I am fevered and fear fills my heart.  

Anguished I lie, unable to rise.
Mankind's defender, my body is failing.
Stand fast and lend me your strength in my suffering.
Now is my need for safety and solace.
Thor's fearsome fist flings splinters from Mjollnir,
Into my center to heal and renew me.
Tiny the hammers that hallow the blood road,
Seeking and blighting the bane of my body.
I grow stronger now, by the God's Graces.
My breath and my body are my own once more.
Thor battled fiercely, and bold, he is victor.
Words I would gift him as spoils of his struggle.

Thor heard my calling.  Thor stood beside me.
Thor lent me strength when my own strength had flown.
Mighty the Good God who gave in my need,
Gifts of his healing, of hope and of life.

Laurel Mendes

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