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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Prayer for Prayer Beads


In the name of Sunna, Fair Wheel racing through the sky, may I find joy in each sunrise.


In the name of Urd, That Which Is, may I use my orlog wisely.

In the name of Verdande, That Which Becomes, may I strengthen my maegan and hamingja.

In the name of Skuld, That Which Must Be, may I bravely accept my wyrd.


Hail the wights of Asgard, mighty home of the Aesir.

Hail the wights of Ljossalfheim, glimmering realm of the Ljossalfar.

Hail the wights of Vanaheim, golden country of the Vanir.

Hail the wights of Jotunheim, ancient home of the Jotnar.

Hail the wights of Midgard, lively world of mortal men.

Hail the wights of Muspellheim, burning world of the fire-etins.

Hail the wights of Svartalfheim, shadowy realm of the Duergar and Svartalfar.

Hail the wights of Niflheim, ice-rimed world of the frost-etins.

Hail the wights of Helheim, refuge of the dead.



In the name of Odin, one-eyed Lord of Asgard, may I have the courage to do what must be done to achieve my goals.

In the name of Frigga, key-bearing Lady of Asgard, may my words and deeds build frith among my folk.

In the name of Thor, red-bearded Wielder of Mjollnir, may I use my own weapons wisely and well.

In the name of Sif, Lady of the spun-gold hair, may I remain faithful to my marriage-oath and loyal to my husband.

In the name of Baldur, beloved Lord of Light, may I remain mindful of my own mortality.

In the name of Nanna, loyal wife of Baldur, may I love selflessly and without jealousy.

In the name of Forseti, Lord of Justice, may I choose right action as I see it, no matter how hard it is.

In the name of Hodur, blind Lord of Darkness, may I accept my own limitations.

In the name of Bragi, Skald of Asgard, may I speak with eloquence and native wit.

In the name of Idunna, Keeper of the apples of immortality, may I maintain health of body and vitality of spirit.

In the name of Heimdall, Guardian of Asgard’s gate, may I know what is and what is not my battle to fight.

In the name of Tyr, one-handed Lord of Victory, may I be brave enough to give what no one else can.

In the name of Zisa, dark Lady of the Western Skies, may I be clear-sighted in my view of others.

In the name of Skadi, Huntress and Lady of Frost, may I have the strength to overcome my own weaknesses.

In the name of Ullr, God of the Bow, may I hunt only that which is lawful and willing to be taken.

In the name of Hermod, messenger of the Aesir, may I be worthy of trust and faithful to those I serve.

In the name of Mimir, Guardian of the Well, may I keep the secrets that are entrusted to me.



In the name of Frey, Lord of Vanaheim and Alfheim, may I make my own sacrifices with joy.

In the name of  Gerda, Lady of the Walled Garden, may I find strength in solitude.

In the name of  Freya, Vanadis and wearer of Brisingamen, may I know and respect my own worth.

In the name of Nerthus, Veiled One of the deep places, may I remain mindful of the mysteries of birth, life and death.

In the name of Njord, Lord of Ships and friend of sailors, may I provide safe harbor for those who need it.

In the name of Holda, Lady of Hearth and Home, may I remember to do everything in its own proper time.



In the name of Aegir, Ale-brewer beneath the sea, may I be a gracious and hospitable host.

In the name of Ran, Storm-bringing Ravager, may I cease to mourn for what cannot be retrieved.

In the name of Kolga, Lady of Cold Waters, may I understand the value of stillness.

In the name of Duva, Lady of the Hidden Island, may I see through my own illusions.

In the name of Blodughadda, Lady of the Sea-bound Rivers, may my bloodlines be a source of power and strength.

In the name of Hronn, Lady of the Whirlpool, may I comfort others in their fear.

In the name of Hevring, Lady of the Surface Waves, may I comfort others in their sorrow.

In the name of Bylgja, Lady of the Riptide, may I know when to resist and when to succumb.

In the name of Bara, Lady of the Big Wave, may I have the patience to wait for change.

In the name of Unn, Lady of the Tidal Rhythms, may I remain mindful of the patterns and passage of time.

In the name of Himinglava, Lady of Fair Weather, may I have faith in the sunshine that always follows the storm.



In the name of Loki, Shape-strong and wily Trickster, may I never take myself too seriously.

In the name of Angrboda, Chieftain and Hagia of the Iron Wood, may I value others for their knowledge and abilities.

In the name of Sigyn, Lady of Endurance, may I endure my own suffering without complaint.

In the name of Fenrir, great chained Wolf, may I have the strength to control my inner monsters.

In the name of Jormungand, mighty World-serpent, may I maintain appropriate boundaries.

In the name of Sleipnir, eight-legged son of Loki, may I carry my burdens with good will.

In the name of Narvi, eldest son of Sigyn and Loki, may I remember those who died unjustly.

In the name of Vali, youngest son of Sigyn and Loki, may I be an advocate for those who suffer unjustly.

In the name of Laufey, Lady of the Leafy Isle, may I remain mindful of the green growing things of forest and field.

In the name of Farbauti, Flaming Arrow, may my will to survive remain strong.

In the name of Surt, Lord of Muspellheim, may I show respect to those who stood in my place before me.

In the name of Utgard-Loki, wise and crafty Sorcerer-king, may I know when to speak and when to remain silent.

In the name of Gunnlod, fair-voiced Lady Under the Mountain, may I find beauty and contentment wherever I am.

In the name of Hyndla, Hagia of the Northern Mountains, may I see clearly into the bloodlines I walk.

In the name of Mengloth, Healer of Lyfja Mount, may I be aware when I cause pain to others.

In the name of Hati, Chaser of the Moon, may I accept my most unwelcome tasks.

In the name of Skoll, Pursuer of the Sun, may I find what joy I can in my most unwelcome tasks.

In the name of Mordgud, Guardian of Helheim’s gate, may I have discipline and self-respect.

In the name of Nidhogg, Gnawer at the World-tree’s roots, may I remember that there is no such place as “away.”

In the name of Hela, Goddess of the Dead, may I honor the beloved dead, revere the mighty dead, and have compassion for the forgotten and unknown dead.



In the name of Mani, Walker in the darkness, may I seek peace in the shadows of the night.

In the name of Yggdrasil, vast and mighty World-tree, may I withstand the fire and frost of human existence and remain rooted in my faith.

© Elizabeth Vongvisith

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Twilight and Fire - Mysticism, devotion, and explorations of the heart

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