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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Praise to Loki

Magician, Clown and Laughter-Maker
Shaper of Change, Guide to Madness,
Fettered, come fast from Kettle-Grove!

Sleipnir´s Mother, Fenris-Father,
Laufey´s offspring and Farbauti´s,
Odin´s oath-brother, all-seeing eye.

Confederate and corrupter,
Sif´s coiffeur, Mjolnir´s retriever,
Lend us your laughter, Loptr come!

Byleist´s brother, loosen your bonds,
Free our souls, lend wings to our mind,
Spouse of Sigyn, for rapturous play.

Pilgrim in all the Worlds,
Torch of change, give us your glow,
Open our hearts, Loki, come!

© Denish Original "Hyldest til Loke": Dorte Janussen
© Translation: Dorte Janussen, Michaela Macha

Image: "Loki Trickster, God of Fire", Copyright © Robin Wood 1989. Used with permission.

Robin Wood - Livingtree Books and Fantasy Art

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