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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Praises Of Ullr & Skadi

Daylight shines in a golden haze--
silently striding feet fall upon pine needles,
the offerings of our brethren
who stand as still guardians,
raising ever toward the majestic skies--

Listen to the beating of your heart,
the sound of the drum
as it thrum, thrum thrums,
carrying you to another time--
Stand on the edge of another land,
out of time, out of place,
this is sacred space.
Hail unto Ullr,
this is your refuge--
Hunting the bounty before you,
in harmony with the creatures
of water and land--
You care for all about you
with a tender, loving hand--

Winter lays her cloak out for you,
caressing you, stroking you fondly
with fingers of ice--
Wrapping you in furs of wolverine,
of wolf and bear, luxurious beyond compare--
Together over frozen lands
you and she stride together hand in hand--
Ever the lovers, ever on the hunt--
Skadi, Ullr
a match well made--
Heart strong,
laughing as snow flies all about,
you give joy wherever you stay,
your voices hail and hearty,
bring forth from within us all
an answering call, from some a song
from others a resounding shout--

Your prey you stalk silently,
moving with stealth,
you bring to bear a wild nature
the essence of the hunter--
Blending beautifully with the land,
you walk the path that will resolve
for both you and he whom you stalk
the resolution which you seek.
Playing your part perfectly,
you ply your trade to the end.
Bringing home the bounty of the forest
for feasting with one another
as well as with friends--

Hail to you Ullr!
Hail to you Skadi!
Hunters both,
Your skills I applaud.
I see you always moving through the world
in myriad ways, both night and day.
You bring to my heart much joy.
Hail Ullr!
Hail Skadi!

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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