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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Poem to the God Loki              Poem in Spanish: Canto del Dios Loki
                                                        Poem in Portuguese: Poema do Deus Loki
You blood brother of the Allfather
The forgotten, the exiled
Your name is silenced
But you live in our hearts

Lord of the fire, which illuminates and transmutes
Lord of the extinguished echo
Lord of the wicked joke
God of the perverse Joke

Lord of dualities
God of veiled knowledge
Eater of wicked hearts
God of different passions

They call you in the hour of need
When nor other God answers
You're always watching
Wiling to help us

You, guardian of this brotherhood
Father of mysteries
The forces of nature in your seed are
You, that under the wings of the Hawk flies

Your laughter friezes hearts
Your presence illuminates any lie
You see the true nature
Chaotic change

Travel partner of As donar
Walker of the beautiful Lopt sky
You Lodur one of creators of human kind
When the tradition is threaten you appear

As protector you feed
You call the ones that need to be
To get to the Gods
First your road they must find

Under your tests they must pass
Their spirit they must temper
With the fire purify
And in the process their faith find

The eternal traveler Visigoths
We give a toast in your honor
We recognize you as a God
Our friend and protector

Give us your strength and wisdom
So that the Visigoth Folk reborn
So that the Eagle nation blooms
To the cosy creator fire

© Hoen Falker

Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado México
Odinist Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire México

Irmandade Odinista do Fogo Sagrado México

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