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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Poem to Loki

Animate me with your absurdities,
Agent of the absurd.

Bestir me with your brainstorms,
Blazon of the brain.

Carouse with me in your complexity,
Cavalier of the complex.

Deploy me with your defiance,
Defier of the divine.

Embroil me in your engagements,
Emissary of emergency.

Face me in your facetiousness,
Flambeau of the fracticious.

Gamble with me in your gambits,
Gamester of guile.

Haunt me with your havok,
Harrier of the habitual.

Inflame me with your infamy,
Inciter of intrigue.

Joke with me in your japery,
Jester of jeopardy.

Keep me alert with your klaxons,
Kaiser of kibitzers.

Light me through the labyrinth of life,
Loadstar of logistics.

Make your mockery of me,
Master of mischief.

Mystify me with your madness,
Maker of mysteries.

Needle me with your nuisances,
Needler of nerves.

Oust me with your outbursts,
Outlaw of the outlandish.

Puzzle me with your paradoxes,
Patron of the peculiar.

Quicken me with your quanderies,
Quasher of the quiescent.

Rattle me with your rabblerousing,
Rogue of radicalism.

Share your sharpness with me,
Shatterer of sameness.

Taunt me with your tangles,
Trampler of tradition.

Unleash me with your unconventionality,
Underminer of the usual.

Visit me with your vagaries,
Vanquisher of vanity.

Wake me with your wagers,
Wayward wanderer.

Yell your yarns to me,
Yardstick of yammer.

Zap me with your zest,
Zenith of zip.

Carol Robe

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