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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Pledge to Odin

Without hesitation
he made a gift,
most precious it was
the helmet's moon.
In return
gift for gift,
wisdom was granted
the father of gods.

Bringer of dreams
he came unto me,
from my slumber
a vision come true.
I tried to resist
norns had their way,
I turned my back
Freya's gift returned.

God of bow's rain
has this oak's shield-bane,
for all the long winter
I'll stand at his side.
Until the spear-goddess of sword-storms
carries me to the hall of shields,
my thunder-rod will roar
feeding the blood-swans from blood-springs.

Dedicated to him,
the dropper of rings,
my metal-wave's sparks
and fellers of trees.
One thing I ask
the god of arrow-storms,
favor in the clash of shields
and will to never turn away.

May I die brave
not in my bed,
but defending my land
with weapons in hand.
Granted his mead
but sword-tree am I,
I go to test shields
whenever I can.

The father of thunder
has guided my mind,
to him I pledge
my blood's den and ring's bed.
Until the end of my days
I'll do what I can,
to enter the hall
of shields and the dead.


- License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided
it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License -

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