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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


How would you court me, oh my God?
With fury and fervor that leave me besotted like a maid?
With gentle tenderness, that bears in its wake more bite 
than your sharpest spear?
Or with wit and winsome words, that leave me longing
for the whisper of Your breath?
How will You court me, my Lord, when already 
I follow hungrily in Your wake?

Will You drive me, Woden, as though I were prey 
for Your hunt, when my heart gives way to fear?
Will You wound me, if need be, when I flee?
I do not trust the surety of my heart, mired as it is in mortal cares.
Sometimes I fear I am very weak, oh my God.
But even if that be so,
even if the fullness of You brought only my destruction,
my arms would ache for You and You alone.

I wish You to drive me, AllFather,
Bliss of my Being,
to that place where I can no longer flee;
and there, sweep me up in Your storm.
This and this alone, I ask for.
This, from Your hands, I welcome.

Galina Krasskova, 2005

Author of "Exploring The Northern Tradition", "Walking Towards Yggdrasil", "The Whisperings s

Image: "Father! Father!", Arthur Rackham, 1910.

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