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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By authorīs special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

(Spring Equinox)

The whispering of the wind---permeates the long night,
Darkness our cool cover---as we await the Lady's light.

All time is suspended---as closer and closer She nears,
Coming once more, as before---to thus assuage all fears.

Awesome Ostara arrives! Great Goddess of Rebirth,
Regal and radiant She dawns---gazing o'er the Earth.

A torch to the beacon bonfire---as a symbol of our love,
Loud is the laughter---resounding to heaven above.

Joyfully we jump---tossing Ostara's eggs on high,
Dancing with awed delight---beneath Her beautiful sky.

Earth offers to Ostara---grasses, grains, and flowers,
Gifts of harmony and health---herbs of healing powers.

Our own offerings---are ay of love and loyalty,
To the Star-crowned Queen---dressed in Dawn's robe of royalty.

Hail to our Lovely Lady---She Who Ever Shall Be!
Within our Ur-Self's center---within the Well and Tree!

Đ Rhonda Turner

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Authorīs Notes:

Ay -- Always
Ur -- a prefix used to indicate primal
Well/Tree -- Urth's Well/World-Tree Yggdrasill or Time/Space, reference "The Well and the Tree" by Paul C. Bauschatz