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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Opening of the House

Loki and Heimdallr
Hail to thee!
In one of these longest nights we seek your guidance and protection.

Loki, teaser of the Gods. You who tempt and trick.
You lured Svašilfari for the abode of the Gods and gifted All-father with the Sliding-One.
Idunna was spared from Thiazi with your cunning,
Sif has hair of true gold that gleams of the sun- our harvest gifted by you.
Sire of Death, Grandsire of Night herself.
You are the Gift-Giver, the Bound One.
Loki may your flame burn everbright.
Forger of Lęvateinn, bless this home and those within.

Heimdallr, watchman of the Gods and denizens of all the Nine
from who you sprung.
Birthed of the Great Oceans around ginnungagap,
fed strength of the earth, with the ice-cold sea, and the blood of the swine.
Whitest of Gods, most Holy of Gods
You gave mankind divinity, you taught us the runes.
Your hearing is hidden beneath Yggdrasil, Gjallorhorn sounds your wisdom.
Rider of Gulltopr, bless this home and those within.

Between two brothers lies all of creation
Right hand, left hand, innovation and tradition.
Between you sways Brisingamen, passion focused by sorrow,
amber creation honed of liquid crystal tears
a beauty of all-encompassing life itself.

Loki and Heimdallr,
We honor Thee!
We beg of your presence, your watchfulness,
your guidance through these dark hours.
We beg the joy, peace, and laughter you both can bring.
Hail Loki, Hail Heimdallr!
Bless this home and all within.

© Salena Levy (aka Anderson)

Temple of the Flea

This work by Salena Levy is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.


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