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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


On Being a Warrior

You say, it is grand to be a warrior.
I tell you, you have never fought, for fighting means killing.
You say, to fight is the greatest fulfillment.
I tell you, you have never tasted the blood of your enemy as it sprayed your face.
You say, a warrior does not have to kill.
I tell you, you have never looked into the dying eyes of the enemy.

Had you looked into the enemy´s eyes,
you would have realized:
He is a father, a brother, a son;
he has hopes, wishes and desires,
he is like you - a human.
Had you looked into the enemy´s eyes,
you would have realized:
that glory does not warm you,
that the fallen never leave you,
the ones you killed as well as your dead friends,
that to end a live is a responsibility
which stays with you all your life.

Had you killed, and the last words of your enemy
asked you to bring the message to his wife,
you would have wished to have died in his stead;
you would have realized, that killing is much easier
than living with the deed.

Had you brought the message to his family, you´d have realized
what a big hole you made,
how much sorrow you brought to this family and to the world.
You would have realized that neither gold nor honor can compensate a life.

There is nothing grand in fighting.
There is no fulfillment in killing.
I have felt it, for I have killed.

© Original: "Ein Krieger zu sein": Michael Schütz  -  Asatru-Ring Frankfurt
© Translation: Michaela Macha

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