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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Oh, Allfather

Oh, Allfather, who dwells up on high
You who knows all thats under this sky
Help me defend 'gainst those who hold sway
O'er mind and my heart sometimes in the day
Who tell me you're false and to Christ I should pray,
and those nihilist-mongers who all like to say 'Nay'
towards gods and the spirits they say don't exist
Well, I'll tell them all that its something they'll miss.
That friendship and connection 'twixt you and myself
and the meaning and courage, those books on my shelf,
adventure and romance, strength and wisdom
I all owe to you and the Aesir, too,
But towards strength in my heart I also have found
something so deep, something profound
that's let me continue the fight to this day
and wage through the battles, to fight and to stay
strong and trustworthy, a friend to my friends
till Gjallarhorn's blast, till all worlds will end!

Justin L. O'Brien

~irishrng on DeviantArt


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