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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Of Ether and Nether

In the name of Odhinn we roam!
As the multiverse is our home!
Nine days and nine nights
Nine realms within mine sight
From Midgard´s keep where Thor roams
Into the wondrous halls of Asgard home!

Across the shimmering bridge of Light
Into Himinbjorg is our birth right!
To drink divine ale in the hall
Sure footed and graceful of time
Handed down nae the blood
But its class of division lines!
For those that seek the Ether Light
By sound of Gjallarhorn
Take flight!

And of Darkness, Ancestors past
A low melodic chant
Lead us home by Asatru path!
Dooooown to the Nethers
Riding a steed named stormy weather
Into the icy force of Hels realm
We beseech!
The chilling embrace of yestereve deceased!
Where Hel herself held Baldur a most honored feast!
Here to peek and roam
To seek knowledge thus hence known!

Returning to Midgard´s hold
Safe in the embrace of Thor once more
By the score of four

© M. Odinsdatter (Ve Vindhler) 2002    Odinsdatter´s Blog

This poem is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

Image: "Walkürenritt" (Valkyries´ Ride), Hermann Hendrich (1854-1931), German painter

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