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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Odin´s Wraith Returns 

There he stood at Olaf's gate,
wrapped in blue, a one eyed wraith.

As a guest he enters the hall,
and speaks to a king as if he were a thrall.

His words fall upon Olaf's ears like thunder,
and the fear the king feels causes him to wonder.

If this is Odin the All-Father himself,
why doesn't Christ appear as well?

Does he shake in fear as the king now does,
or does Jehovah himself lack the courage to come?

None the less the king retires,
to his chamber and well lit fires.

Trying to convince himself that Odin is dead,
yet shuddering fearfully in his bed.

He shuts his eyes and prays aloud,
in hopes that he will not be found.

To no avail: He feels the wind,
and knows that Odin is now within.

He opens his eyes and gasps with fear
as the one eyed man in blue draws near.

With dire intent the old man smiles,
"Hello Olaf, it's been awhile.

The time has come for me to rest,
perhaps an intermission would be best.

So pray to your Christ to save you this day,
for he is as hollow as the words you say.

I will return to take my place again,
when the world is ready, but not till then.

But those that are true will await my return,
within their hearts my fire still burns."

Odin then turned to walk away,
as the coward beneath the sheets still prayed.

For he knew that Odin was not dead,
and his life would be forfeit instead.

© Gunnolfr Odinsson

Hildulf Kindred

Image: © Krischan Schramm  www.schrottkopp.de

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