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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Odin's Ride                             Odin's Ride MP3

Bitter the winds, winter winds, freeze the earth
Empty the sky frozen by winter's frost
Strong is the sea taught to be by the wind
So lead the hearts, father of all of men
In the olden days, when the earth was young,
the one-eyed god, upon his throne
Set out to ride across the sky
to see what courage men would find
Let brave men live among the gods
By white-armed Valkyrs carried o'er
The battlefield to hero's home
To where their honor shall be done
So out he rides to heavens hunt, The Huntsman comes
The mortals stare in wonder at the mighty host
And their mortal blood begins to warm
with the passion they had lost
North winds calling, live young forever
mortal fears pass away
Seasons of ice shall not chill a warrior's blood
valiant ones shall be saved
True warriors, come to me live eternal in this land
My kingdom, you shall see what becomes of a life
with a glorious end
What wonders shall behold by the setting of the sun
Your virtue honored here while the men on the earth
sing the deeds you have done
Dark visions shall haunt the living ones
Whom hide in cowardice as you drink with the gods
from your enemies skull
Ethereal splendors be thy bride
Each morning born again, in the greyness of dawn
into battle you ride
So men did hear him, their armour they donned
Set down their plows and lifted their swords
For glory and honor they set out to fight
To see who'd be taken with glory that night
And the bravest were taken, as had been foretold
To feast each evening, each day to fight again
Soon the men forgot the courage that their father brought
unto them that night
They took the plow again, from disease and age to die instead
without hope of deeds in battle done
So to this day heroes in the heavens play
Watching the world, waiting for our courage to return

© Scott Randall       Scott´s Hompage 

Published on the Album "Legend" (1998) by the band Somber Blessings

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