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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Odin´s Gift

It is the flowing dream of everyone
Turning words into images is its power
To make them visible, to let them be experienced
To share emotions and give them shape.

A gift to get people carried away
Lets them hang on to your every word,
Lets them rise from their benches
Skalds´ Mead is the draught that makes poets.

One sip, it loosens the tongue
When it flows, words are streaming

One sip, it rises to the head
Causes everything to sway

One sip, it stirs your blood
Turns everything upside down

One sip, it gives wings to words
and expression to feelings

One sip, it brings back what once was,
bestows again youth 

One sip, it shows what never was
and takes what was.

It lends to the copper a golden shine
It renders the hall bigger and the fire more bright
It makes a woman desirable like Freya,
her eyes blue like the sea
It makes men stand taller by a full head´s length
It makes a man strong like Thor.

Sweetly it trickles down the throat,
but beware of its strength
It gives inebriation and lets feelings run free
It opens the doors wide, lets you see and lose yourself in ecstasy.

But one sip too many 
turns a strong man into a slurring fool

But one sip too many 
makes the hall swim and spin

But one sip too many 
leaves only a sour aftertaste

Be wise and not greedy, then your tongue
will be always smooth, and your pen diligent
Then your words will grow wings
and surmount every obstacle,
they will win their hearts and outlive you.

The Poets´ Mead is eternal
as is the word of the Skald.

© Original "Skaldenmet": Michael Schütz

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