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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Odinīs Call

Like the spider spinning his web in a high wind,
You were persistent, tappin again and again
At the door to my heart and head, until I listened,
Opened the door, and let you in.

I thought I had nothing to do with the gods of the North,
Preferring to walk another path, thinking my life
Already too complicated and confused to warrant
Following any others.

But you would not accept my refusal, sending
Little signs and omens: two ravens following
My car, a gray cat adopted on Wednesday who wanders
And will not shut up: so like you.

What need had I for your guidance? I was stubborn,
Did not want to take the steps to meet you,
Knowing how much you would demand of me,
Not knowing whether I could give it.

After a hard lifetime, I tend to think myself unworthy
Of such attention, and you confused me, chasing after
Me so relentlessly; I preferred to think I only imagined it,
Because what would you want with one such as myself?

I donīt ask those questions any more – or if I do, I know
That, while I might not be able to answer them, you must
Have your reasons. Better, then, to serve you as best I can,
Though what gifts I have to offer are little enough.

These verses will win me no friends. Your followers are a
Bold and boasting lot, whereas I have always striven to be
Meek and mild, hiding my lights away, better to go unnoticed,
Better to avoid strife, sorrow, and conflict.

But hiding from you did not work, and so I am here,
Hoping that some day I will understand why you wanted me,
Knowing that because you did that there must be more that I can offer
Than the nothing I believe myself to be.

Đ Jennifer Lawrence


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