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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Introduction by Wolf Helser

Odin                   Odin MP3

Great All-Father
Lord of the Gallows
Wielder of Gungnir
Chooser of the Slain

Watch over our Warriors
Grant them Victory in Battle
Bless them with your Wisdom
Inspire them

Father of the Folk
Rider of Sleipnir
God of the Hanged
Lord of the Aesir

May their luck be great
May their Brotherhood always hold true
And allow them to return home
So they might educate the young

One Eyed God
Wandering One
Grey Beard
Raven God

All heathens know
You call your favorites home first
For those Warriors who donít leave the Battlefield
May you send the Valkyire for them
Open the gates of youíre Great Hall of Spears and Shields

Father of Victory
Leader of the Wild Hunt
God of the Runes
Lord of the Mead of Poetry

You Bless and Challenge us each day
To Better Ourselves
To become Stronger Folk
To become Great
May we Honor you in turn
A Gift for a Gift

© Wolf Helser

This poem and MP3 are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.

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