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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Ode to Loki
By your paramour

Lodur, magnificent Lokeman!
You have now shown me what you can
(a part, but certainly not all),
therefore again I feel the call:

To you as your mistress clandestine,
Oh Loki! Your sweetheart and concubine.

As priestess and priest in the Laughing God´s hof,
our troth is only to ecstasy´s law.
Helmsman, proud sailor in Naglfar´s bow,
we are servants of the need for gladness and lust.

Aflame I am for you and your sharp tongue,
your keen pen that resounds with words,
with truths few want to hear.
That crazy for you are only the truly mad.

One day, someplace between life and death,
you pour oil deeply into my embers
and together we burn in the fire of the senses,
in holy ecstasy at the goal of life´s joy.

…Loki, long, so long for you I´ve been burning,
I knew that the hot flames of our yearning
can only unite together in play,
in the holy blaze of passion
beyond the wildest fantasy.

Ah Loki, I will be happy
and die with laughter, as long as I can;
be reborn, aflame with my secret lover,
for and by you, you handsome, luring Lokeman.

© Original: "Ode til Loke" by Dorte Janussen (Hlorriddottir)
© Translation from Denish: Michaela Macha

Image: "Loki", © Tudor Humphries

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