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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Ode to a Hunting God

Ullr guide skilled hand and sharp eye,
With bow, arrow, knife and spear
To be ready for all tasks at hand
As the time of the hunt grows near.

Ullr guide me to feed hearth, clan, kin
Life must feed on life.
Teach patience and knowledge
Of my place in the weaving of life’s design
For through this action I alter my wyrd
A thread to be plucked at any time.

Ullr guide me to be devoid of ego
And to take only what I need
To survive the hard times.

© Cullyn Ullrson 2003

Eagle Hearth of Brisbane Australia, Chieftain    Ullrson.com

Song version:

Ullr, guide skilled hand and eye
With arrow, knife and spear
To be ready for all tasks at hand
As hunting time draws near.

Ullr, guide me to feed my kin,
For life must feed on life.
Patience teach, and knowledge of
My place in the weft of life.

Ullr, guide me to survive,
To take only what I need;
My own thread pending to be cut,
My wyrd altered through this deed.


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