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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By authorīs special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Numinous Nerthus

Hail Numinous Nerthus---Ye of Well and of Womb,
Great Goddess of Wih-Garths---of Birch-breast and Birch-tomb.

Whether cave or water---or even a hollow tree,
Dwellings draped with darkness---all are sacred to Thee.

Erstwhile Thy wain's travels---were greeted with gladsome song,
Again we offer our love---ever steadfast and strong.

Rich is Thy name's nature---be it North, Strength, or Dance,
All versions meld and merge---beneath Night's bright Moon-trance.

Hight holy Mother Earth---in distant days of yore,
Divine string-skirt Dancer---of our center and core.

Once more we are embraced---by the numen of Night,
As we dance Thy Ur-dance---of ecstatic delight.

Vital vibrations pound---pulsing beneath our feet,
The heart of hallowed Earth---throbs with Her erotic beat.

Enticed by Earth's essence---raptly shall Sky respond,
Entwined betwixt the Two---we share Their blissful bond.

As Wolf-Wind caresses---our cool skin with His heat,
Raidho's riding o'er us---with a rhythm of repeat.

A cadence of the carnal---a song deep within our soul,
Where wisdom is timeless---where Past/Present is a whole.

Praise Her wondrous power---will of Magnetic might,
Praise Numinous Nerthus---our Troth to Her we plight.

By Body, Breath, and Soul, Ferth and Fetch, Hugh and Heart,
Nerthus shall stay within---Our each and every part!

Đ Rhonda Turner

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Authorīs notes:

Birch--Referring to Berkano (Birch Goddess), the 18th rune of the Elder Futhark, which as part of its essence expresses the key words of "Earth Mother," "birth-life-death cycle," and "containment."
Breath--Referring to the breath of life, also known as Oend or Athem.
Erstwhile--Long ago.
Ferth--Non-physical part of a person.
Fetch--Or the Old Norse Fylgia meaning "Follower."  Usually an animal (dyrfylgia) or an entity of the opposite sex which is separate from one's self, yet linked throughout all time.  As well one's Fetch is a keeper of past actions, powers and an aid in communicating with our Gods/ess.
Hugh--Intellect or mind.
Nerthus--Both the Old Norse Njordhr (often Anglicized to Njord) and Nerthus stem from the Prot-Germanic word Nerthuz.  The meaning of this word is unclear, but it has been suggested that it may relate to words such as "strength," "girdle of strength," "the underworld/the North," or from the verb form "to dance." 
Raidho--(Wagon)--the 5th rune of the Elder Futhark, part of its mystery encompasses the rhythmic action of ritual dance.
String-skirt--A small figure thought to be a representation of our goddess Nerthus, was found in Denmark and is believed to be from the Bronze Age.  This figure is adorned with neck-ring and bracelet, wearing a small apron or skirt while kneeling within a wagon or boat.  It is possible that the wool string skirt found in Denmark during the 14th century, also orginating from the Bronze Age, may have some connection to the Nerthus figure.
Ur--Prefix used to indicate original or the root.
Wih--(Ve--ON) Holy, set apart from the mundane.
"Roles of the Northern Goddess" by H.R. Davidson
"A Book of Troth" by Edred Thorsson
"Futhark" by Edred Thorsson
On-line copy of "Our Troth"--sections Chapter XVI and Word-Hoard.


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