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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Norse Poem

Wound-weary warrior
Lashes at lakeshore
Brands blaze on boat-sides
No sadness in song
In hallowed Valhalla
But brief body lingers

The vassal keeps vigil
Tired from the tempest
War-ravens reaching
Boat-brothers honoured
Joimed soon in spirit;

No feared dragon sets flame
To tinder or torch
After brothersí last battle
For honours unfinished;
At last waters lapping
No more to return here
His soul-brothers beckon

Deathís freedom decides all 
As summerís short tempest
Fans farewell flames
Blade-bright amidst ravens;
Ring-giver remembered
With historyís heroes;

Bound not yet for Bifrost
A friend remains steadfast
His own death descending
But duties obeyed;

Sent on to Sifís hall
No bright blazing boat
No hand to take hold
No spear-brothers singing
But one kinsman clings

Great sea-stead smoulders
Hard by hoar-bit headland
Through darkness descending
Bifrost stands in starlight
Calls comrades close.

© Arnora Dunestan

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