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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Nordic Creed

I believe in many Gods,
And the All-Father;
The Creator of the heavens and earth,
Maker of all things perceptible and imperceptible.

I believe in Lord Yngvi-Frey,
One of many begotten sons of Wotan,
Born of the Father before the beginning of our era.
As with Van, might with might,
True God with True God,
Begotten, not artificial, consubstantial with the All-Father.
Through Him, all things were wrought.

For us and our glory, He came from Asgard,
And to Ash and Elm gave His spirit,
And thus created man.

For our sake, He sacrificed Himself to Himself.
He suffered death for nine whole days and nights
To gain the wisdom of the runes,
And was resurrected.
He ascended to Asgard, and sits on the throne in Valhalla.
He will come again gloriously
To judge the living and the dead
And His kingdom shall be unending.

I believe in Almighty Thor, the Thunderer, the Warder of Midgard,
Who was born of the Earth from the All-Father;
With whom he is adored and glorified,
And through whom the prophecies were divined.

I believe in many Holy fanes upon which my sacrifices are offered.
I stand unrepentant, nor ask any forgiveness for my guilts.
I eagerly expect the resurrection of the dead
And the life of the world to come.

Hail Victory!

Justin Douglas Blackford


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