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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I hung from that hallowed tree,
my body dangled and danced 'neath me.
A dark night sky stood aglow,
strewn with stars and indigo.

I beheld below my gaze;
the void, a vast and gaping haze.
The tree divided in death and life,
and me there strangled in my strife.

I soared through summer's bright sunrise,
as leaves of light seered my eyes;
and round the tree again I raced,
to glimpse winter's stark white face.

I marvelled at the mystery,
woven in that windswept tree.
Time and space tangled upon my steed,
a spinning wheel of fated weave.

I gazed from my gallows, as I swung,
cradled in the creaking noose I hung.
There nine spheres I did spy,
blown through the blackened sky.

I heard the wind whistle past my head,
and to the grim cold ground I sped.
Through the rush of runes I plunged.
Lost to Earth's embrace I lunged.

And there the vision did unfold,
of a cloak clad man from days of old.
A deep dark well I looked into,
with its twin of blazing blue.

A glaring blue that sought my soul,
and wrought me in this ritual.
I stood still as words did flow,
by that tree of bitter woe.

Grimner grasped my trembling wrist,
clasped it tight with clenching fist.
There his knife carved Nauthiz,
as I struggled with a strange unease.

Listening well to the words he said,
there I watched my hand run red.
Cut and colored by his blade,
bloody was the mark he made.

I carry this chasm within me deep,
and from my soul it does seep.
By that root that none may tell,
I quest with questions none may quell.

And the doubt that dares my faith,
my seeking soul it cannot sate.
This craving now forms my creed,
my Wyrd has been knotted by my need.

Matilda Marks 2007

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