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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


My Loki

The absence of your painful scorching fire
would leave me cold and shivering
in the night.
You burn me hot and
I am addicted to the fire.
Your absence would be
an Ice Age in my soul,
and no dead skin would ever
make me warm again.
You scald and scar me.
You devour every part of me.
I burn and I will tend this fire
until I die of it,
until I am consumed into
oneness with you.
If I am to be your fuel
then consume the living
willing sacrifice and
let the smoke tear your eyes,
only do not leave me cold
and alone in the dark.
I am the body.
I am the pyre.
Send me to paradise in pain.
Burn Burn Burn me
until I am ash,
then smear me on your forehead
and remember me forever.
Garland yourself with
the skulls of past lovers,
sit naked with the dead
in a pile of ash
and know that you rest on me.
Cover your body in the only caress
I have left to give and wear
the lover you have made.
Now you can be a holy man.
Now you can preach
the ecstasy of heaven
and the torment of Hel.

Jim Wise

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