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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Munin's Return

I fear for Hugin, that he come not back,
yet more anxious I am for Munin

I remember- the void, the nothingness, and yet I forget

I remember- eyes open, fear, cries, tiny lungs expelling Elivagar, yet still I forget.

I remember- the first gift from my father, as I inhale his divine breath, yet still I forget.

I remember- nourishment from udder, or were it breast, yet still I forget.

I remember- learning the use of strange glyphs, lines becoming words,
Runes written down on thin white tree, ability flowing from my tiny well of knowledge, yet still I forget.

I remember- youth, innocence, ascending the tallest tree in my yard,
the safety in its branches as it held me close in leafy arms, yet still I forget.

I remember- quests for knowledge, each quest leading to another quest.
Much to be learned but not too much, for middle wise should every man be.
Yet still there is something I forget.

The years have come and gone, an eternity which was all too short.
Much have I remembered. I cast aside the soul hinderer and commit it to Muspelheim.

Colors shimmer beneath my feet as I walk a familiar path.
I am greeted by an old man whom I remember with with all my soul.

A raven lands on his shoulder and one upon my own,
I finally remember, as he whispers, Welcome home.

© Louis Buccellato (Alföğrsulf)


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