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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Raven who flies on wings of time
whispering what you find
which seen is thought,
and retold, memory.

Black feathers gleaming, changing
colours as you fly
Light and dark reflecting
You are all colours
you who see all
and remember

Raven who soars on winds of time
sweeping storms of history
currents, updrafts, gales
and gentle breezes
on a summer meadow
long ago
Now you glide the centuries
of remembrance

Raven who flies on wings of time
Are you greying now, you who make
so long a journey,
ancient one?
Or are you ageless, constantly renewed,
young and old together, as you skim,
feathers to the wind,

Copyright J Blain 1997 

All rights reserved 

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Image: Allan Cyril Brooks (1869-1946, naturalist and artist)


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