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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mothers' Night

Fare away now ill-wishing ones
Stay and be welcome
Weal-bringing wights

Come gather round the stall
With joy and gladness in our hearts
The time of Yule now begins

Tonight is named the mothers night
Our ancestral women we honor and call forth
Those we know and those we do not
We welcome all those who come

We honor those whose life we have inherited
Whose might and main flows ever toward us
We honor those without whom, our line would have ceased

Hail to the lady! Hail Freja!
And all the goddesses! Hail!
Hail to our mothers! Grandmothers too!
From the foretime to present!

Wise women, strong women
Protectors and teachers
Nourishing providers
Giving birth to our family

We call you and honor you
We bid you welcome
We ask that you join us
As Yuletide begins

We know your presence is always with us
We feel your protection throughout the year
We remember your names and it warms our hearts
We honor the gift of life you’ve given us

(name as many female ancestors as you desire or can here)

We lay upon the stall these gifts for you
Drink and sweets and things good to eat
We light these candles in honor of you
And we honor your strength that flows into the present

Hail to you great mothers
Hail to you grandmothers
Precious ones of our clan and tribe
Come and enjoy this yuletide with us!

© Jeff Wolf


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